About our company

"M.V.HOCJA" Company was founded in 2010 thanks to the intensive and visionary work of the main and only investor MUHAREM HOCJA. First located in the historical city of Kruja, now the activity is expanded by building a modern facility and structure in accordance with all European standards. The company "M.V.HOCJA" ltd operates in the sector of footwear sewing and shoe production, mainly in the line of safety.

Our Mission and Vision:

Our company is focused on achieving goals by planning, developing, implementing ideas and goals by expanding our activity in a wider market. Commitment, availability and credibility are our key points in achieving goals.

Passion and style

Handmade footwear made with passion

Passion and experience

Our company operates in the market since 2010, and since then has been offering quality products, thanks to the experience of these years and our dedication.

We always try to choose the most specialized staff and make sure that our products meet the needs or demands of our customers.

The passion for the work we do helps us to improve our products and service delivery.

Perfection is the key

We work hard to make the products we produce as perfect as possible, using the highest standards in every process and the latest technology. We make sure to offer not only highest quality, but also great appearance.

Our deliveries are very safe and fast, being very close to you.

At our company you will find what you have always wanted.